CFT Educational Workshops
COMFORTOR INTERNATIONAL has developed various level of workshop related to the lower limb focusing on spreading the knowledge of foot biomechanics, function and foot management for the well being of all of us. The highlighted topic is “CFT Foot Bio & Care”.

We have train and certify physicians, therapist, retailer, patients, and customers. The workshop is very comprehensive with each session of theory and practical within 5 hours. We had learned a lot from feedback and questionnaires within our attendees and would want to learn more about other cases and condition from other regions.

Now we have started running this workshop worldwide and would like to take this opportunity to invite you to be part of the whole program.

Tune in and checked out our next venue and date!

Comfortor Traininig Team.
GET TO KNOW YOUR FEET BETTER! 5 hours comprehensive Workshop 2011
Workshop Itinerary (150 minutes of Theory)
  • About the Foot
  • Foot Condition
  • Foot Management
  • About Orthotics
  • The Common Features & Benefit
  • Product Review
  • FAQ
(90 minutes of Practical)
  • Foot Scanning Inspection
  • How to Identify and Diagnose a Foot Condition?
  • Balance Test Review
  • Lower Dye Tapping
  • Orthotic Fitting
  • Custom Made Fitting
  • Product Trials
  • Tiev Miller
  • Sport Medicine (U.S.A)
  • Foot Care Specialist
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