Product FAQs
I do not have flat foot or any foot problem, can I buy this Comfortor shoes?
Of course you can! Comfortor is suitable for all common foot type; basically it’s a comfort shoe with great features build in to provide a better comfort for the everyday walking. As for people with foot pain sufferers or flat foot the product help prevent and enhance the walking experience
How long does the Comfortor Shoe last?
Depending on the usage, but with a regular usage the product can last for 9-15 months.
What material is the sole made from?
It is developed with specially modified ingredient compound mixed with polyurethane form compression system.
What is the outsole material made of
It is made out of rubber compound
What is the upper material made of?
The upper made on the Comfortor shoes are genuine cow skin leather or other synthetic material such as poly fabric, E.V .A and polyester fabrics. We use synthetic microfiber suede, cow skin genuine leather or foam as the lining of the upper.
What is the type of material used to cover or wrap the sole for some of Comfortor shoes?
There are several different types of material which is used to wrap/cover the sole based on the different types of the market and designed requirement. It would be synthetic microfiber suede, genuine leather, fabric or a direct heat printing is applied on the sole itself.
Will the Microfiber suede smell due to sweaty feet?
No worries about it! As this is not the genuine suede leather material which absorbs sweat and create the nasty smell.
Why do we need such support products just from the shoes?
The first step is to get the right shoes, but the regular shoe’s in the market does not come with such an ergonomic features and function to support the feet. These regular shoes generally do not provide shock absorption or arch support. The solution to such pain may be a step further - to insoles, arch supports, and orthotics. Comfortor shoes are designed with an in build orthotic benefits. One of the first methods walkers try to alleviate foot pain is to use insoles. Almost anyone can benefit from the sole even someone with a very average; problem-free foot will see a boost in comfort with a quality sole. For instance, if your arch is high, this unique sole can prevent it from elongating or collapsing with each step. Anything that cuts down on movement inside the boot means fewer blisters and a higher comfort level. It’s like to bring your walking experience back into walking on soft sand compared to hard surfaces which we are pounding our feet each day.

Conditions that may benefit from such support

  • Arch strain and pain
  • Heel pain
  • Ball of foot pain (metatarsalgia)
  • Weak ankles
  • Corn & Calluses
  • Knee pain
  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • "Excess" pronation
  • Shin splints
  • Plantar fasciitis
Why is the curve in the center of the sole quite high? It hurts me sometime!
It’s will get sometime till you get accustomed to the Comfortor shoes as that "Curve" angle will start providing you will good support and control along with correction in the foot motion while walking. Correction sometimes hurt, Don’t it!
What is the best recommended way to get the most benefit out of these products?
Good question, we would highly recommend to be supported on a orthotic/arch device all day long while you are on a walking experience. So to enhance the full benefit of these products, it’s suggested that you should be on a pair of Comfortor shoes throughout your walking experience, either walking in your house, around the park- at work- and so on.
Why is the back part of the sole curved deep?
This is called the Deep heel cup support (10-15mm) – It’s developed with a curve depth of 10mm and reached 15mm when weight is applied. This feature helps lock and place our heel in the right position and help avoid excessive movement in the gait walking cycle. With this function and also the medium density soft sponge material help also in preventing condition such as "heel pain" and more.
What and why is the sole soft?
Comfortor sole are made out a specially formed ingredient of soft compression Polyurethane midsole which provides whole day walking comfort. This uniquely helps keep the sole not too soft and ideally not too hard, technically its approx 26-32 shore softness. That’s the medium density we are talking about! It’s also suitable for diabetes patients.
So by using this product will all my foot pain recover?
With all these feature mention above – we do also suggest and recommend regular foot or physical therapy exercise should be followed to improve and help prevent common foot conditions.
How long does do I get accustomed to the shoes?
If this is your 1st time using Comfortor shoes or any sort of orthotic/ arch support devices, then it may take you 1-2 week to get accustomed to the shoes. You may feel a little awkward or different initially, but trying wearing them off and on till you get accustomed to the shoes. But once you are used to it, then you can leave without it!
How do I select the accurate size for myself or for a friend?
It’s just a click away, just go to our size chart link and find the size chart for Comfortor shoes. It can be downloaded for printing and shared to a friend. Select a size which 4-7mm bigger that your feet length for a better and comfortable fit.
Where do I buy Comfortor shoes?
You can now buy it online from the or locate for the nearest dealer near you!
How do I take care or wash the Comfortor shoes?
Hand wash in warm water and air dry the shoe.