Comfortor Half Orthotics

Comfortor Half Orthotics is a uniquely designed, semi rigid, medical and off the shelf, orthotic style arch support. Our orthotics are constructed from 4mm thick EVA material. But what really differentiates this brand from almost every other over-the-counter orthotic style arch support is that our Comfortor Half Orthotics are available in multiple sizes to cater for the right size fit.

Comfortor Half Orthotics have one of the deepest heel cups of any orthotic style arch support available. This is an important feature because the deepened (and rounded) heel cup cradles the heel and adds rear foot support, thus increasing the arch support’s ability to control over pronation and support the entire foot (and not just the arch). Comfortor’s orthotics truly help the foot to operate in its most optimal manner.

Sizes Available are from XS, S, M, L, XL.


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