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  • Hello Comfortor

    I saw this vedio link from the internet and started to check out the website @ comfortorshoes.com.

    I bought 2 pairs of your product - The Comfortor Gel Insole and the Strade Sandals for men. I used to have a bad heel pain and after using this products for about 2-3 week, my pain started to reduce and it really helped me alot. 

    Now I am back to the treadmill.

    Jacob a customer


  • I personally used comfortor gel insole and the new Dyna shoes, very comfortable and i stock them in my clinics for a my patients.

    Dr. Mathew Romans


  • "...I have plantar faciitis... I wear my Comfortor sandals casual in my home before going to bed and use them a lot at home. It had helped me in the corn around my heels and also have solved my heel pains. ... What a great invention! I absolutely love my sandals!"

    Thank you,

  • Hi guys,
    Thanks for following up. The usage of the footbed and the sandals immediately made a big difference over the hard custom orthotics I was using--I could barely walk before. I wear the Comfortor all day everyday

    Raymond chew (via e-mail) 

  • Comfortor Care center,
    This is in response to the second pair of the insoles I received, to see if I needed a fuller pair. They were a little too full compared to the original one's purchased. So, I'm sending them back, priority mail and keeping the first pair I received from you...
    I am happy with them and I am able to continue running on a regular basis...
    Thank you for aiding me with a terrific product.

    Johenn Nathan
    Posted email 

  • “…I have been recommending your sandals to my patient whom had foot condition, severely 80% of my patient suffer from heel pain. Now, with Comfortor Sandals and footbeds had been an easy mission for me to satisfy my patient.
    Great … Thanks

    Dr. Andrew Peterson (Orthopedic)
    Via Verbal expression

  • I am writing to you to tell you how satisfied I am with the Comfortor Comfo Trail sandals you recommended to me. For the past 25 years I have been going to numerous doctors and orthopedic appliance establishments to see if they could help give me relief from my foot problems. Since you started working on my feet, I have had a great deal less pain and more comfort. I am very satisfied with your workmanship and would recommend Comfortor to any of my friends. Thank you again for your help.

    Abby abbyrestar@gmail.com  - regular customer